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Pushing Hands ‘Tuishou’ for Health

Pushing Hands ‘tuishou’ for Health or Playing Hands ‘da shou’ helps us comprehend the ebb and flow of qi similar to the rise and fall of the tide. The boat does not resist the changing tide; it rises and lowers naturally with the water.

Tuishou is a way for two people to investigate, practice and experience taiji on a deeper level. An old Chinese saying is “Push Hands like you are doing the form do form like you are Pushing Hands.”

For some Pushing Hands is similar to combat. But without the contest, one can begin to understand the Taiji or the yin yang relationship in Taijiquan and appreciate the experience of the applications of the movements. The learning environment must be gentle and free of stress and fear. Moving slowly gives us the opportunity to expand our knowledge of taiji. Rushing skips over all the nuances and only produces the gross application.

One of the first tenants of taiji is to do no harm. Being generous and kind helps to understand the issuing and receiving of energy, the expanding and contracting of everything. Providing a comfortable Pushing Hands environment will enable the participants to feel safe and build confidence. Information becomes knowledge, understanding Knowledge can become wisdom.

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