Taijiquan Classes
Cultivating Real QI
Pushing Hands ‘Tuishou’
Qi Gong Seminar
10:00 am - 11:30 am

05:30 pm - 07:00 pm

Taijiquan Classes
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Shisan Shi the thirteen postures are the foundation of Taijiquan.
Tuishou is the safe training of the martial application. Tuishou, Pushing Hands, has many levels of practice. Beginning Tuishou helps promote the understanding of how and why of technique. Beginners learn to interpret, understand, bond with and ground incoming force/qi by relaxing yielding then issue qi. For form practice one should do the form as if pushing hands; push hands as if you are practicing the form. Pushing Hands Awareness concepts are learned abilities. Listening with all awarenesses, senses including qi

• Understanding the ability to interpret speed, degree and direction
of arriving incoming force/qi
• Stick ability to bond to the incoming force/qi
• Neutralize ability to empty, disperse the incoming force/qi
• Yield ability to not resist the incoming force/qi
• Follow until you have the opportunity to lead
• Issue to channel energy outward, push
• Guide to lead the other into empty space

Qi, Chao, Li; combine manifested energy, with a technique and just add a sufficient amount of physical force to respond to incoming force/qi.

Rooting: Let the Qi descend and ground through the feet. Any incoming force is received and immediately grounded, felt in the feet. The qi coils and bounces back up through the legs, adjusts in the waist, and steers outward through the hands.