Taijiquan Classes
Cultivating Real QI
Pushing Hands ‘Tuishou’
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Taijiquan Classes
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A critical aspect of Yangjai Michuan Taijiquan is the consideration of energy within the person, the taiji form and the energetic interaction when working with a partner.

Qi is energy, vitality, life force, the spark of life.

Jin is an energy concept especially defining the innate strength developed and refined through the practice of Neigong, the internal YMT practice. Taiji has been described as the Cotton Needle style, flexible and soft on the outside, but strong as steel on the inside. This jin can be developed, manifested and expressed through the body and hands.

Neijin, internal energy is not brute physical force. It is a Qi strength developed through dedicated persistent practice.

Taijiquan, has many definitions, depending on the intent of the practitioner. It has been called meditation in motion, a form of exercise to increase vitality, a form of martial art, an internal health practice, a way to grow old gracefully.

Three treasures Shen Yi Qi

Shen is the spirit the will, gather the spirit with in, encompassing both the intellect and emotions keep the mind and emotions focused: no wandering, no disconnection, no scattered mind.

Yi is the focus of intention. Stay on tract when practicing; there should be no defect or deficiencies in form, the Qi should be full with no collapses or protrusions, no deficiencies or excesses.

When moving the entire being must be light and lively. The mind qi and body are connected.