Taijiquan Classes
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Taijiquan Classes
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The name Taijiquan has many translations:
• Yin yang fist
• Great polarity
• complimenting opposites
• Great ultimate fist
• Supreme boxing

All attempt to describe a style of practice that has evolved into one of the worlds greatest exercise for health, based on classical texts and multiple generations.

The taiji symbol represents the complimenting opposing forces, or duality.
Taijiquan or taiji became the name of the combination of techniques Yang Luchan used and taught as he describes how the taiji/application of a defense to an attack (deflect). The style became Taiji.

Learning taiji has many component skills. In the beginning a new student attempts to mirror the instructor, understand the biomechanics of each of the movements. There are also the mental concentrations and focuses combined with breathing exercises and the physical movements. Before commencing movement one enters stillness and an altered state of awareness.

• Allowing the energy to descend through the body into the ground
• Expanding energy awareness

This stillness is the potential, before the realization of the duality that is taiji.
• Breathing with the diaphragm as one inhales
• Imagining, sensing and feeling the energy enter the head
and descending through the body
• Exhale the qi out through the feet into the earth.