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Qi is your life force.
This unique entity, this bio-energy,
is the sparkle in a child's eye.
Qi is the attraction of love and lust.

Qi is what leaves the body when you die.
Qi is like an internal life.
You can learn to stir the ashes,
find the hot coals and light your fire.

John Cole, LAc. Dipl. Ac. NCCAOM
John Cole is dedicated to improving the quality of living for his patients and students. The Chinese healing arts, Qi development, and the martial arts are the keys to unlocking this healthier, happier life.

He was the president of the American Yangjia Michuan Taijiquan Association, a national association of the Yang Family Hidden Tradition.

Studied Taiji Quan with Grandmaster Wang Yen-Nien, and his student Tsuei Wei. He has been teaching this Yang Family style for over 35 years.

John Cole has studied with several teachers during the past 35 years. He has studied White Crane Gong Fu, Akido, Taijiquan, Medical Qi Gong, and Chan (Zen) Buddhism. Master Cole also has a Doctoral teaching certificate from the Gold Mountain Daoist School.